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How We Can Help

The purpose of Clearbird Coaching and Consulting is working with clients to help them set themselves up to succeed. Whether we are looking at a large organisation, a small business or an individual, we start with looking at defining what success is, where are you now and where do you want to get to? This may mean addressing particular performance or behavioural objectives or helping clients work through a period of change and clarifying the direction in a period of uncertainty.

Our particular passion is working with women to help them navigate their career from early stage into middle management and through to leadership roles. Early in our career, expertise and doing the job well is enough to succeed. What many people either don’t recognise or struggle with is that the unwritten rules change and influencing, having personal impact and raising your own profile are as important as doing a great job.


Unlocking the challenges around some of these behaviours benefits the individual in terms of career progression and the organisation in terms of retaining and growing key talent. Informing and educating women in business, whatever stage they are at is an important part of the work Clearbird does and is how we contribute to making a difference and building a more gender balanced workforce and increasing levels on women in leadership. 


We offer the following services to individuals and organisations:-



Facilitation & Training

Clearbird Coaching and Consulting has many years experience in facilitating workshops, meetings, leadership team development programmes.

We provide an external perspective, constructive challenge and energy, often naming the elephant in the room which helps teams and groups to make better decisions faster, help teams work better together and deliver superior performance based on an aligned and common clear goal.


Motivational/Guest Speaker
Dearbhalla’s style when speaking is energetic, personal, engaging and inspiring. Key themes that are at the core of Clearbird include Setting Yourself up to Succeed, Owning your career, owning your Choices, Owning your Personal Brand and Raising your Profile, Working with confidence and of course it all starts with defining what success is – by you, for you.
These themes feed naturally into initiatives such as Wellbeing Programmes, Personal Development Training, and Gender Diversity Initiatives including Women’s Networks.





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