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The Coaching Space

Our coaching philosophy is very much linked to the rationale behind the name of Clearbird Coaching and Consulting. 

We focus on working with clients to help them get the clarity about what they are aiming for or what needs to be achieved and/or changed. Once they have that clarity, the easier piece is figuring out how to get there and putting the actions in place. A key part of the process is then providing the support to address any bumps on the road and maintain momentum and focus.


The Clearbird approach is based on working with clients to discover what they need to do to allow them to set themselves up to succeed, knowing that in many cases, the client has the knowledge within themselves. We help to draw out that knowledge and focus. We begin by defining what that means for them – both personally, and in their career in terms of meeting the organisation’s and team’s needs. We start with stepping back and exploring what is going on in each of those dimensions – where is the client, where are they going and what are their challenges?


Our coaching style is a coach/mentor type intervention. On the coaching side, the space and time is provided for the coachee to stop and reflect. We bring listening, questioning, challenging and providing perspective so that the coachee can get to the place that they need to get to.

As a mentor, my professional background to the coaching relationship comes into play where this is helpful. Clients find my experience around change management, communications and project management to be valuable to the coaching process.

When working with female clients, my passion and focus on working with women with business allows me to bring my particular interest and experience around some of the issues and key components of growing female talent at mid to senior management levels and into leadership. Common themes that come up again and again are around self-confidence, assertiveness, influencing, managing stakeholders, holding crucial conversations as well as owning your personal brand and raising your own profile. The challenges of being a working mum can be significant but knowing how to navigate your career to drive success is an even bigger challenge for many of my clients. Exploring any of these themes normally results in my clients ‘unblocking’ themselves in any number of ways.


One of the first questions is often around ‘what is success for you’? What do you really want? That initial focus in the coaching relationship is around increasing self awareness – discovering where the client is, what is going on, what are the challenges, and what is getting in the way. 


We offer the following specific coaching services:-


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