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Maternity Coaching

Maternity coaching is a 1:1 coaching intervention targeted and tailored for professional women who are coming back to work or have recently come back to work after Maternity Leave. This is a challenging time for any women as they set themselves up to continue to be able to deliver at work as they did before, while balancing the new role of being a mum and the changes that might include, as well as that often present ‘working mums guilt’


The ideal Back to Work Coaching programme will consist of at least three 1:1 coaching sessions:


1 session prior to returning to work
1 session around the time of return to work
1 session between 1-3 months after returning to work


Engaging in Maternity Coaching helps working mums really bring the whole of themselves to work, and be in the right mindset to ramp back up quickly and own the process. 1:1 coaching helps women deal with the common challenges faced by many women around self-confidence, holding difficult conversations and clarity around what the balance is that they are striving for. I always say a happy mum, makes happy kids. It also rings true that a happy mum makes a happy employee and manager!

Why invest in Back to Work/Maternity Coaching?


Investing in Back to Work coaching brings huge benefits to both working mums as well as the organisation, whether it applies to a first time mum, or a mum on second, third or more child.


It helps women to actively manage that transition back to work smoothly effectively by helping them to own the process and be in a positive mindset.


Help mums set themselves up to succeed by putting strategies in place to deal with the practical and logistical side of things that will help them at home and at work.


Equips mums to have the crucial conversations both at work and importantly at home which will allow them to set themselves up to succeed through this stage. It’s not just at work that the difficult conversations may need to take place! Setting boundaries and parameters are in important part of managing the transition back to work after maternity leave.


Provides working mums with a space to go and really discuss the challenges of returning to work on an emotional as well as a practical level. Guilt is often a difficult emotion that is not often discussed but weighs heavily on some working mums.


Encourages strong and open communication between the working mum and both management and her team enabling clear expectations and open discussion of challenges as they arise.


Allows working mums to keep their longer career objectives in mind. Early career aspirations can often get lost during the short term challenge of getting through this period of managing work and home. We always encourage women to have a five year plan as well as a twelve month plan and this is something we live by as well.


Benefits for the employer


Providing support such as Maternity coaching builds and employer brand where talented women want to work, feel valued and there is a pipeline of women at leadership level are seen and act as roles models.


Improved retention of women in the organisation at that critical mid career phase so that it is a more satisfying and positive experience and therefore there is a higher chance of retaining female talent at the level when Gender Diversity and retaining female talent becomes an issue.


Include Maternity/Back to work coaching as part of your Gender Diversity and Talent Management Programmes.



If an organisation has a large pool of female talent who are at this stage and retaining and growing female talent for leadership positions is a challenge for them, we also offer a Coaching Style Workshop based on our ‘Setting Yourself Up to Succeed Programme’. The workshop covers key themes that come up again and again with our clients and are key parts of surviving nd even better managing this transition.


If you or your organisation recognise the benefits the Maternity Coaching can bring and would like to find out more about the service, get in touch with Clearbird here.


“On returning to work after my maternity leave, I worked with Dearbhalla to regain my personal confidence and redefine where I wanted to go in my career. Dearbhalla helped me to build a support structure into my life in advance of returning to work, so that the transition was manageable. She provided a toolset to guide me through the first challenging weeks. Dearbhalla also created a great space for me to articulate my values and find the balance between work and home. I can highly recommend Dearbhalla's coaching work”

Eva, Global Software Company, Dublin