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Women in Business

Making 'it' work for women in business and helping women 'figure stuff out' is at the essence of Clearbird Coaching and Consulting.


The challenge of retaining and growing female talent is well-documented and discussed and is on the agenda of many large organisations. Forward thinking organisations recognise that supporting women through a challenging phase in their career and and helping them to grow the skills they need for Leadership go a long way towards closing the gap in gender diversity and retaining key talent.


For professional women, if only we could wave a magic wand to fix many of the common themes that come up again and again for many women in the workplace and even more especially if they are juggling young families:-

  • The confidence gap
  • Building emotional resilience
  • Self belief
  • Self promotion
  • Assertiveness (without being considered aggressive)
  • Dealing with the constant struggle to 'do it all' while balancing other commitments at home and elsewhere.


It can be hard for women in the workplace – any workplace, be it home or office- to get ‘it’ right and 'do it all'. But what is getting it right?


At Clearbird, we know that 'it' is different for everyone and before we work with clients to help them figure out how to make 'it' work, we need to figure out what 'it' is. What is success? What is your definition of success- both at work and at home? How can you make all the pieces of the jigsaw sit together in some kind of equilibrium? What is holding you back?


The different career stages present different challenges. So many people aren't aware that what works for early career progression - developing technical expertise, getting the job done and delivering results - is not necessarily the same as you progress through middle and senior management. To move towards leadership roles, the game changes and influencing, managing stakeholders, self promotion, owning your personal development and growth are all as important as getting the job done.   


We support women in in taking control of their career and lives. Very often this means addressing some of the behavioural and practical things that are holding you back. Equally often this means taking account of the organisational culture and perceptions and how we can influence that. Owning your career and your choices means that anything is possible.



'Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you are probably right'. Henry Ford


Getting it right is defining what works for you and setting yourself up to succeed on that basis. Particularly for working mums, finding a sense of balance, setting up the right infrastructure and letting go of the any guilt to enable you to perform at your best are good places to start. 



Clearbird delivers individually designed programmes  which can be designed or tailored to fit;-

  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • Personal Development Programmes
  • Wellbeing or Employer of Choice Programmes
  • Women in Business Networks
  • Gender diversity initiatives

Our 'Setting Yourself Up to Succeed' programme is tailored to meet your company's needs and can be made up of any combination of:-


  • Employee surveys to understand what your employee's are looking for
  • Tailored research
  • 1:1 executive, business or maternity coaching 
  • Emotional Capital Reporting and Coaching
  • Management Engagement and Communication
  • Organisational Cultural Assessment
  • Gender Diversity Programme Design and Development

Facilitated workshops/seminars include:-

  • Defining success - for you and by you
  • Growing the Emotional Capital for Female Talent
  • Working with Confidence
  • Builidng your resilience
  • Owning your Personal Brand and Raising your Profile
  • Back To Work Coaching Style Workshop

All of the above are grounded in Clearbird's corporate experience, expertise and personal style. 


Contact Clearbird here or call +353 86 3821378 to discuss how we can work together.