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Our work is grounded in creating the reflective space and empowering clients to take control of their own success through enhanced conscious awareness. This applies to career coaching, team dynamics and leadership programmes. Through perspective, challenge, insights and deep thinking, we bring clients to where they need and want to be.

When Clearbird was founded in 2013, the focus was mainly on Feeding the Female Leadership Pipeline – empowering women to help them to successfully navigate the mid career phase – based on their definition of success. This work has directly fed into our Emerging Female Leaders Programmes We work with many organisations on their Diversity & Inclusion Strategies and many years on, I still feel grateful for and proud of the Clearbird’s work in empowering, energising and re-focusing female talent in taking the reins back on their career.

As Well as Diversity…

Although we are mainly known for our work in Diversity & Inclusion, particularly our Conscious Transitions work around Maternity Leave Programmes, the way Clearbird works with clients has emerged with Conscious Leadership at it’s core. Whether working with C-Suite clients, Leadership or Management Teams, Founders in Transition or new parents – creating space to slow down and challenge themselves to see differently, hear differently and even behave differently – with high levels of intentionality and emotional intelligence is at the heart of our work.

Coach Supervision has now been added to Clearbird services – providing reflective space for both individuals and Conscious Coaching Circles (group supervision) – both for external and internal coaches.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Feeding the female leadership pipeline is at the core of the passion and purpose. Having worked with hundreds of women at middle and senior management enabling and empowering them to Be Brave, Step Up and take the reins on driving their career forward, this is impactful work. We work with large organisations on Diversity and Inclusion programmes – developing inclusive leaders, empowering women and supporting managers and staff in managing key work/life transitions – that includes new dads.

Developing Conscious Leaders

A natural evolution of Clearbird’s transformational work means that services now include Leadership/Management Development and Group/Team Coaching as part of our core services. Enabling honest conversations and challenging leaders to be more has become a natural place for Clearbird’s impactful work. Conscious Leadership and Inclusive Leadership were never more critical as the future of work changes. Drawing on years of experience as a management consultant and bringing together strategic planning, facilitation, coaching skills and my own authentic and engaging style, these areas are where Clearbird makes a difference to organisations and individuals.

Coaching supervision & creating space for reflective practice for coaches and leaders is a key element of Clearbird’s work.

Impactful Presence And Impact

Personal Brand, Presence and Impact, Influencing for Outcomes, Building Confidence is where much of the most transformational work occurs. Add crucial conversations, coaching skills, emotional intelligence, resilience as recurring themes that allow clients (male and female) to step up, engage differently and advance their careers while feeling in control and energised.


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