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Conscious Transitions – Maternity Leave & Career

This Conscious Transitions Blog Series is an authentic and human look at the dynamics, and challenges of managing the maternity leave period – not just for mums but for dads, managers and inclusive leaders too.

Conscious & Inclusive Leadership

Creating space to slow down, even stop, reflect and re-focus. Creating space to see differently, hear differently and maybe even behave differently. The Future of Work has been changing. How we respond to a global pandemic has catapulted us into that changed Future of Work.

Taking The Reins On Career Navigation

We give away so much power by expecting others to make our career happen. Too much focus on working hard and expecting the reward and recognition to come is not a strategy that is going to keep you moving forward in your career.

Finding Your Mojo – Your Way

Some days are just a bit hard. Overwhelm. Juggling. Maybe a difficult colleague. Or manager. Confidence takes a bump. Here I share my musings as well as some tips, strategies, perspective and insights on how to find your mojo again when it gets lost. These days we call it resilience. How you bounce back. And take the reins on moving forward.