"Despite my initial trepidation about engaging in Executive Coaching, Dearbhalla allowed me the greatest opportunity to see myself more clearly, to value the quality of my own leadership style and how best I can inspire others. I truly value her guidance in ensuring that I remain clear about my professional goals and aspirations".

AnneMarie, Senior Leader, Public Sector

“I appreciated her energy, honesty and enthusiasm to support, listen and challenge me”.
“Dearbhalla listened intently, challenged me and engaged with me to tease out propositions I could consider in addressing organisational challenges that I am tasked with leading on”.
“Her honesty, discretion and genuine interest taken in developing my way of thinking, helped me in leading my team and challenges and in examining my style of leadership”.

"I was working really hard, delivering on my objectives, meeting all the deadlines but somehow, it wasn’t enough. Dearbhalla specialises in unleashing potential. She was talking exactly about my issues - a high achiever promoted but still using the same strategies that I had used to progress to Manager. Now I needed to recognise the necessary shift to move from management to leadership. I have been working with Dearbhalla for the past two years and I can say that she changed my life".

“A huge support and guide throughout every step of my career”.
“Brings out the best in me at times when I don’t believe it myself."
“Her warm and caring nature makes her so easy to open up to.”
“She has helped me to navigate every challenge and opportunity I’ve faced.”
“Working with her is without a doubt one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career to date.”

Dearbhalla provided me with Career Coaching in the run up to my return to work after maternity leave. I had been out of my organisation for just over a year and had had twins. I was very clear that I wanted to use our sessions to benefit my career rather than help me manage the logistics of juggling domestic tasks/coping with going back to work. During our sessions, Dearbhalla helped me to identify my career aspirations and how I could set myself up for success. Those sessions were quite simply life changing. Dearbhalla’s expertise, encouragement, patience and understanding have transformed the way I approach my role, enjoy my job and am a success at work.

Helen, Executive Search

“A fantastic workshop. Dearbhalla was amazing to work with.”
“I was so focused and empowered going back to work”.
"I wish I had done this type of workshop before I went back to work after my first baby.”

Dearbhalla is an excellent communicator, is clear in her delivery and takes the trouble to structure her content specifically to the needs of the audience. She easily establishes great interaction and is adept at generating open and honest group brainstorming sessions. She is an experienced coach with a pleasing manner who has the ability to hold audience engagement. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Angela Tynan, Manager, Link & Enterprising Women Networks LEO DLR