Supervision & Reflective Practice

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“Coach Supervision is a contemplative and reflective approach, allowing coaches to step back from their coaching practice/sessions and look on with compassion, perspective and awareness of self and others, to become a better coach”

Having qualified as a coach, you might sometimes wonder, am I doing this right? Am I using the right tools (too many/not enough)? You might have had an ethically challenging situation arise as a coach and weren’t sure how to handle it. Or occasionally work with coaches that you notice impact you in some way.


You are keen to keep growing as a coach, continue CPD (Continued Professional Development) and may consider Coaching Accreditation at some stage in the future (for which supervision is a requirement).


Coaching supervision skills and training are equally valuable for Senior Leaders who want to create space, with perspective to challenge themselves in their systemic, strategic thinking and self-awareness.


If any of this resonates with you, coaching supervision is an important part of how you resource yourself and your coaching skills. It allows you to bring some quality assurance to your work. It enables you to create some reflective space around your coaching which allows you to step back, reflect and continue to learn from you own coaching – and indeed your coaches.

Coaching Supervision is systemic in nature and is fundamentally about

Resourcing yourself as a coach

Attending to your own emotional fitness

Reflecting on systemic and organisational complexities

Developing and paying attention to your own internal supervisor

Reflecting on your own coaching practice

Bringing awareness to your own development and potential blind spots

In recent years, I have found myself advocating strongly for the role of supervision in the coaching industry. This is an emerging practice and while every coach does not follow supervision, mature coaching organisations are increasingly requiring external and internal coaches to be actively engaged in supervision or reflective practice.  One to one and group supervision both serve coaches equally well.


To enquire about engaging in 1:1 Group or setting up Peer Supervision/ Reflective Practice with Dearbhalla contact her at