Committed to the Highest Industry Standards

Professional Affiliation

Building your tribe is central to Clearbird’s philosophy and teaching. This is how we do it.

Dearbhalla is an active member of the following organisations:-

Association for Coaching
European and Mentoring and Coaching Council
Enterprising Women’s Network (DLR LEO)
PWN (Professional Women’s Network)
Fabulous Masterminds

Code of Ethics (AC)

The Global Code of Ethics (the Code) is the most comprehensive code of ethics for those working in the world of coaching, mentoring, and supervision. The first version of the Code jointly created by the Association for Coaching (AC) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) was launched in February 2016.

Clearbird Code of Ethics by AC

Supervision & Accreditation

Dearbhalla has followed active supervision (1:1 and Group Supervision) since qualifying as an Executive Coach.

Passionate about the role of supervision and standards in the coaching industry, Dearbhalla has qualified as a Coach Supervisor in 2020 with the Coach Supervisor Academy (UK).

Recognising Accreditation as an important part of driving standards and ethics in the coaching industry, Dearbhalla is an accredited Executive Coach through the Association for Coaching. Going through this process, cemented the value that Dearbhalla places on the importance of continued growth as a coach – through CPD, supervision, reflective learning and continual awareness of how we show up as coaches for our clients.