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About Dearbhalla

The Professional Bio

Dearbhalla Baviera is a Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Facilitator and Trainer with 25 years of management consultancy and coaching experience. Bringing together her professional experience in strategic planning, change management, project management, communications, training, and more recently diversity and leadership coaching, Dearbhalla brings her full self to both organisations and individual clients to bring them through a change or indeed transformational experience.


Clients value Dearbhalla’s energetic, empathetic and engaging approach combined with a driven, professional and practical attitude that she brings to a coaching relationship.


As a motivational speaker and trainer, Dearbhalla has an engaging and personal style which touches a cord with the audience. She tells it from the heart so that it makes sense to the head.


As a Management Consultant (Deloitte, Dublin, EY, London), facilitation was a key part of the day job and still is. Dearbhalla’s area of expertise was in Human Capital, Transformation Management, Communications and Training. Dearbhalla brings a wide range of sectoral, functional and international experience to the table having worked in Ireland, the UK, the US, Europe and Middle East. She has experience of working with all levels of an organisation from Board level to staff.


Certification and Accreditation​

  • Diploma in Coach Supervision
           Coach Supervision Academy, London (2020)
  • Diploma in Executive and Leadership Coaching
           Training and Mentoring Partnership (2013)
  • Accredited Executive Coach Association of Coaching (2016)
  • Psychometric Assessments
    • ECR 360 – Emotional Capital Report, Roche Martin
    • DISC, Driving Forces, TTI Success Insights

Continued Professional Development

Dearbhalla is committed to and invested in ongoing professional growth and undertakes discipline specific CPD per annum, in line with standards laid down by theprofessional associations. A sample of most recent activities include;

  • Coaching Constellations, Embodiment Coaching
  • Team Coaching, Innovation in Coaching
  • Resilience, Shame and the inner critic,

Previous Education

  • M. Econ. Sc European, Economic and Public Affairs
  • B.A. International (Economics, Politics and Italian)

The Personal Bio

Dearbhalla is a busy mum of four – running her own business, being a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and everything else!  She stood at the crossroads while trying to figure out what changes she wanted to make to create the vision of success that she had written to create the first of her five-year plans! She is now on her third five year plan.


She tries to practice what she preaches – but knows that it is sometimes hard.


Never has the pace of change and demands on our time been as intense. Dearbhalla is passionate about making a difference, about helping people to find the clarity and perspective that allows them to step up, step back and sometimes slow down. Creating space to stop, reflect and re-focus is at the core how Dearbhalla lives, loves and works.


She loves planning and organising, bringing clarity and structure (and helping others do the same) as friends and family will testify. She is never far from a flip chart, post-its or a white board – even in the kitchen! 


She loves the power of the random conversation and particularly enjoys connecting with and connecting people, often women, who are striving to succeed, on their terms, every day.

Committed To The Highest Industry Standards​