On an almost daily basis, I’m figuring out how to find and keep my mojo. I know there are a whole lot of us out there who are doing it all – juggling, surviving, loving it, living it. Between work, life, family, friends and whatever else is going on in your lives, sometimes we need a bit of help to find our mojo.

I used to think that it was just when we were juggling a  young family, that continuing to drive a career between maternity leave, breastfeeding, babies, childcare and pre-school was all a bit challenging. But after babies and toddlers, comes junior school (with its own logistical challenges), then tweens, then teens, then exam times, third level and in between all of that are the sandwich years, caring for ageing parents and trying to care for ourselves as well.

I think we’re all doing our best to live a life well lived and with my business, it’s my role to help others to do that too.

Over the last months and even couple of years, I’ve often written blog posts – on my phone, in my head, on a piece of paper and the odd few have ended up on LinkedIn (read my post about vulnerability if you want to see why there weren’t more) and on my website (a complicated back-end system that was not conducive to regular blogging). So now finally, the kids are all at school age and as I start to get a bit more headspace, it’s time to pull all of those musings, thoughts and insights into one place that makes sense.

I write about things that I’m really passionate about (owning our choices, prioritising ourselves, actively taking the reins on navigating our careers, managing the shift from management to leadership, feeding the female leadership pipeline, the importance of clarity, being kind to ourselves and much more).

I write indirectly about things that come up with clients, insights that are sparked by my research. Very often, writing a blog helps me when I’m struggling to find my own mojo and I think there must be others in the same boat.

As a coach, I sometimes spend too much time on self-analysis and self-coaching and I’m trying to do less of that. But taking that time does help to feed into focus and action and I hope others can benefit from that too. That’s another of my favorite topics – how important it is, to take the time to stop, reflect, re-focus and re-energise. So if in these busy days, my reflections might help someone else to do that, all the better.

And so, after much procrastinating, much productivity enhancements, and thanks to my fabulous Masterminds Group encouragement support and prodding… www.findingyourmojo.ie is ready to launch.

Mojo means finding the magic in what we do. Sometimes we have it and need to care for it and share it. And sometimes we lose it and need help with getting it back in place.

I’ve spent some time bringing in some of those posts from all of the different places. More to come! Having one go-to spot to download what is going on in my head is already helping me to find my mojo.

I look forward to sharing random thoughts, insights and perspective, professional and coaching experience, life in the fast lane of being a mum, wife, daughter, friend, and all that comes with running my own business.



Helping you to find your mojo.

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