Finding Your Mojo – Your Way

Some days are just a bit hard. Overwhelm. Juggling. Maybe a difficult colleague. Or manager. Confidence takes a bump. Here I share my musings as well as some tips, strategies, perspective and insights on how to find your mojo again when it gets lost. These days we call it resilience. How you bounce back. And take the reins on moving forward.

Starting (or Starting Back) can be the Hardest Part

As I headed towards the office on the first morning after the Christmas break, I noticed a few different and interesting things going on. These can come up after leave or transition – annual leave, maternity leave, a new role, a new job. Trepidation at the…

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Finding My Mojo

On an almost daily basis, I’m figuring out how to find and keep my mojo. I know there are a whole lot of us out there who are doing it all – juggling, surviving, loving it, living it. Between work, life, family, friends and whatever…

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How to Keep the Overwhelm at Bay

As summer drew to a close and we slowly started to get ready to start the new school year, I consciously tried to maintain the calm and relaxed feeling that emerged over the summer holidays. Sometimes the to do lists seem never ending. There are often…

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