Another silver lining of the Covid Pandemic has been the opportunity to create some headspace to capture the insights and emerging themes Clearbirds Back to Work from Maternity Leave Programmes.

This Conscious Transition Blog Series shines a spotlight on the often unsaid aspects of managing the impact of family and MaternityLeave on career. I used to call my programmes variations on Setting Yourself Up to Succeed – knowing that the first step is about defining what success is to yourself. And it’s not the same for everyone. This is about managing the transition to and back from Maternity Leave – with two hands firmly on the reins

Since Clearbird starting delivering these programmes back in 2014, one of the first to offer these programmes in Ireland, it has been amazing to witness first hand and be part of driving a real shift in Diversity & Inclusion culture. Back then Diversity & Inclusion was a rarely used term. The focus was more on gender balance. Now Inclusive leadership is at the centre of Diversity & Inclusion – and the very term recognises all aspects of diversity.

In our work, we are delighted to work with organisations that recognise on the Gender Diversity side, that the shift still under way is not just about women. Our work has expanded since then to include programmes for new dads and support for Managers – which is really about bringing a broader perspective to Cosncious and Inclusive Leadership and Management.

I am delighted now to have the opportunity to share some of the insights, the a-ha moments and the important messages that have emerged from the now hundreds of women (and in more recent years dads and Managers) who have been through out Back to Work from Maternity Leave programmes.

So often participants share the sense of wonder that ‘nobody tells you this stuff’ and ‘it’s so good to know that I’m not alone and others feel the same’.

This Conscious Transitions Blog Series as an authentic and human look at the dynamics, and challenges of managing maternity leave period – not just for mums but for dads, managers and inclusive leaders too.

I’m excited to share the first in the Series today which focuses on Pre-Maternity Leave advice – highlighting the importance of not going under the radar before logging off for your Maternity Leave.

Clearbird’s suite of Back to Work from Maternity Leave, New Parents and Inclusive Leadership Programmes support diversity and inclusion thinking and strategy.

We help females returning to the workplace to feel empowered, re-focused, confident and re-energised. We support new dads/parents who are also thinking about what this new phase means for them and enable this important conversation to take place. We support, guide and challenge managers in successfully managing these key life transition points – with an eye on retaining and developing female talent.

If organisationally and societally, we’re serious about Feeding the Female Leadership Pipeline and retaining and growing our female talent, supporting parents in this life transition to manage the mid-career phase is critical to every organisation’s diversity and inclusion agenda.

Our sessions are incredibly effective in bridging the communication gap, bringing a wider perspective and providing practical strategies to enable the important and honest conversations.

If you would like to find out more about our in-house Group or 1:1 Maternity Coaching Programmes, Contact us here

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