The Conscious Coaching Circle

Supervision is strongly advocated by the professional coaching bodies and is a requirement for Association for Coaching (AC) and EMCC accreditation. Even the most experienced of coaches benefit from creating space to regularly reflect on and bring inquiry to their coaching practice, continue to develop coaching skills and hold self-awareness around the coach/client and systemic relationships.

Historically, supervision was developed within the therapeutic and psychological helping professions. The term continues to be widely debated. Some call it ‘super-vision’, ‘inter-vision’ (going into the space between), ‘reflective practice’ and more. I’ve chosen the term ‘conscious coaching’ as supervision calls on us to remain fully relationally present in our coaching relationships – often beyond the relationship with our direct client. I bring a blend of models and approaches (gestalt, embodiment, transpersonal, TA…) to draw from to help the group to be intentional about their presence, practice and/or reflections on their practice, in service of continued growth as a coach and in service of the client.

Why engage in supervision? What are the benefits?

A space to reflect on your own coaching practice

(Think of it as taking a helicopter view or a seat on the balcony as you look at your coaching practice)

Continued growth as a coach

Ongoing development of the Internal Supervisor

Creating space to explore ethical dilemmas

Resourcing yourself as a coach

Building emotional resilience

Meeting CPD/supervision requirements for accreditation (supervisor report available on request)

And what are the benefits of Group Supervision?

When one learns, we all learn

Group supervision brings all of the benefits of 1:1 supervision with the added benefits of:

A shared learning experience and peer sharing of ideas, experiences and perspective.

Peer networking and connectedness.

Group supervision is typically more cost effective than 1:1 coach supervision.

Group supervision has its challenges in that it calls on coaches to have courage in their vulnerability, to be open to share in service of themselves and their clients.

As such, the roles of the supervisor and the group come together to co-create and hold a trusted and safe environment (container).

As Group Supervisor, I hold the container within which the group is responsible for co-creating the space, a format to create a safe and trusted space.

Clearbird’s Conscious Coaching Circle Philosophy

‘In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities but in the expert’s there are few’, said Shunryu Suzuki. We bring a beginner’s mind to supervision – open to learning, perspectives, ideas, challenge and different lens through which we can view our coaching practice.

My style is ‘structure with flow’. This allows the group to hold the agreed objectives and process while enabling it to be quite an emergent process, that lets the programme meet us where we are at. 1:1 and group coaching supervision is in service of the coach, the client and of quality standards across the coaching industry.

Small groups allow spaciousness within a safe and trusted environment.

If you’re interested in joining the Conscious Coaching Circle, please contact me at or on 086 382 1378. If you would like to discuss the programme further or enquire about 1:1 Coach Supervision, get in touch.

About Dearbhalla

Dearbhalla is an experienced executive coach, coach supervisor, strategic facilitator and speaker. She is committed to developing conscious leaders, to providing space for conscious coaches to reflect and grow, and to drive high industry standards. She has continuously engaged in 1:1 and group supervision since qualifying as a coach.

In both group work and one to one’s, she brings energy, perspective, and a pragmatic approach while creating an opportunity for participants to stop, reflect, see differently and re-focus.

Dearbhalla is passionate about enabling reflective practice, allowing us to go deeper than we normally do. She brings a blend of models and approaches drawing on her previous corporate experience, executive coaching and coach supervision.

She brings purpose and passion to her work in coach supervision, diversity and inclusion, conscious leadership and team dynamics. Dearbhalla makes authenticity and wholeheartedness accessible for all.

Married with four children and a dog, yes, her hands are full. She juggles work and life with purpose and passion.

Tuesday 29th March 2022

  • Afternoon Opening with light lunch on arrival from 1pm – Arrive and Contract
  • Conscious Coaching Session 1: Anchoring & Ethics
  • Time to relax before pre-dinner drinks from 19:00
  • 5 course farm to table dinner at Ballymaloe House at 20:00


Wednesday 30th March 2022

  • Ballymaloe Breakfast
  • Reflective Journaling Masterclass 09.30
  • Conscious Coaching Session 2: Resourcing and Centring 10:00
  • Lunch in the Conservatory, Ballymaloe House
  • Conscious Coaching Session 3: Reflecting & Resourcing, 14:30
  • Time for a cliff walk, group or by yourself, sea swimming or relaxation
  • 5 course farm to table dinner at Ballymaloe House at 20:00


Thursday 31st March 2022

  • Morning of Group Supervision 9.30am
  • Retreat close and check-out 12:00
  • Lunch at Ballymaloe house at 13:00
  • Afternoon: feel free to stay and chat, de-compress or enjoy the area before leaving


Ballymaloe has offered us the spacious Grainstore where participants will feel safe and comfortable. Payments will be refunded if the programme needs to be cancelled.

To secure your place contact:


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