Leadership & Management Development

Our Breadth of Services and Experience

We work with leaders, managers and aspiring leaders who benefit from moving beyond the tactical and operational to focusing Conscious Leadership – enhanced self awareness, emotional intelligence, systemic thinking and developing high perfoming teams. We frequently find that this includes enabling Leadership Teams to step back from reactive mode to crate space for strategic thinking. 

Bringing a blend of models and approaches, we enable managers and leaders to step up and evolve into the role – shifting from a reactive approach to deliver effectively at senior management levels to drive growth of the business.

If your organisation is looking for a strategic partner to work with your Senior Management Team, get in touch. We work closely with our clients to curate, develop and deliver high impact interventions.


Conscious & Inclusive Leadership

Enabling the Honest Conversations

Building High Performing Teams

Effective Communication & Cohesion

Presence & Impact for Leaders

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Manager/Leader as Coach

Individual and Team Psychometrics & Debrief


Leadership Coaching

Management Coaching

Career Transition Coaching

Psychometric Assessment & Debrief

Performance Management

Systemic Thinking

Reflective Practice


Leadership Development Programmes

Strategic Facilitation

Team Dynamics

Company Off-sites

Lunch ‘n’ Learn Masterclass Series

Mentoring Programmes

Together we can address topics such as strategic/thinking, purpose and values, time management, emotional intelligence development, cohesion & collaboration, leading through uncertainty and resilience.

If your organisation is looking for authentic interventions for leadership and management development, enabling all levels to step up and shift beyond the tactical and firefighting mode, get in touch.

If you are looking to develop your aspiring, emerging and high potential senior managers in an impactful and authentic way, that fundamentally changes the dynamic and gets results and improved performance, get in touch.