Conscious Leadership Coaching

For leaders who want to create space to resource themselves and create space to press pause

Conscious Leadership Coaching is for leaders who are busy, with many demands on their time and know that investing time and effort in creating space will help them to lead even more effectively and think more creatively.

Creating space to slow down, to build in a buffer to think – for yourself, for the business, the strategy and the people can sometimes feel like a luxury. But is fundamental in resourcing yourself as a leader leading through this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous are when demands are many and keep coming at a fast pace.

Conscious Leadership Coaching allows for focused time to work on your leadership attributes, taking time to step back from operations and think from a balcony view. An important outcome is feeling resourced and centred with a stronger stance to lead from – less reactive, more conscious.

The work often includes looking at default behaviours and challenging the thinking with a systemic lens. Frequent areas of focus for a wider perspective include:

  • Self awareness and challenging the current narrative
  • Purpose and legacy
  • Presence and Impact
  • Time management, delegation and empowering
  • Stakeholder engagement including the Board
  • Motivating, engaging high performing teams and top talent
  • Effective communication 
  • Career progression and The Next Phase

and more often than not…
Time to Think about the issues that are keeping you awake at night

The Conscious leader values the opportunity to turn inwards for a moment, to engage in self-reflection and invest in ongoing leadership development, beyond being an achievist.

The Conscious Leader knows that resourcing themselves in the face of this complexity is critical to being future fit, critical to navigating the complexities in the here and now as well as the complexity that is around the corner and as yet, unknown.

Recent feedback has included:-


‘This time has been invaluable allowing me time to think with more perspective’

‘The way you challenged my thinking was sometimes uncomfortable but always valuable.’

‘The coaching time has helped me to think through some things that actually weren’t as complex once I had the space to break them down.’

‘It’s so good to have time with someone objective and external to the business, to be able to think freely with no judgement or pressure to get it right first off’.


Always thought provoking and engaging, we push you past your comfort zone. working with Dearbhalla will push you past your comfort zone while equipping you with practical tools and strategies.


Working with Clearbird Coaching allows clients to create space to stop, reflect and re-focus. By the end of the engagement you will see differently, think differently which feeds in you behaving differently – enabling you to show up fully as your authentic leaderly and best self.