Maternity Coaching Programmes

Empowering parents to manage career and life when starting and growing your family.

Having worked with hundreds of mums and more recently dads and managers through our corporate group programmes and 1:1 Maternity Coaching, we know and understand the challenges. 

We focus on helping new parents to take the reins on navigating this phase of their career with conscious awareness and conscious choices rather than struggling through in survival mode. We support organisations and managers to adopting more inclusive practices

Our Back to Work from maternity leave programmes are our pride and joy, where we know we have a positive impact. A client recently summed it up when she said – ‘no one tells you that you can love your career and your baby too’. We need to move past the story that we have to choose.

One of the first coaching professionals to deliver to Back to Work programmes in the Irish Market, Clearbird’s suite of Back to Work from Maternity Leave, New Parents and Inclusive Leadership Programmes support diversity and inclusive thinking. 

The programmes are grounded in feeding the female leadership pipeline. We help organisation retain and develop their female talent and support that female talent in managing this career phase.

  • We help females returning to the workplace to feel empowered, re-focused, confident and re-energised. 
  • We support new dads/parents who are also thinking about what this new phase means for them and to reflect on what it means to be a generation in transition. 
  • We support, guide and challenge managers in successfully managing these key life transition points – with an eye on retaining and developing female talent.


The most impactful element of our programmes is empowering new parents to stay present in their career, avoiding going or being put under the radar during this sometimes challenging career and life phase. This work is about enabling conscious choices and how we show up.

We deal with it all – guilt, imposter syndrome, the challenges of juggling and work/life balance, the challenges of keeping career on track, conflicting demands and competing priorities, personal brand, impact and presence. There is a lot going on during this stage – often in the context of sleep deprivation. No wonder it feels like survival and just getting through.

‘I feel empowered, motivated and inspired. I know what I need to do’

It’s so good to know that I am not alone and the only one having these thoughts. There is great strength in that.

So many practical strategies around time management, dividing up the work at home, delegating and personal brand.

‘Thinking about how I show up with presence and impact has been invaluable. It’s not just about the hours’

I feel so much more confident. Letting go of those limiting beliefs and really thinking about my strengths has been a game changer.

Always thought provoking and engaging, we push you past your comfort zone. working with Dearbhalla will push you past your comfort zone while equipping you with practical tools and strategies.

Working with Clearbird Coaching allows clients to create space to stop, reflect and re-focus. By the end of the engagement you will see differently, think differently which feeds in you behaving differently – enabling you to show up fully as your authentic and best self.