Women in Transition

Are you are at a crossroads and want to make a change but are not sure what or how?

Working with women in transition is one of our areas of focus and passion at Clearbird. Maybe you are going back to work after maternity leave or are dealing with the prospect of redundancy and what next? Maybe you are setting up a business (or would like to), or you  want to go back to work having stepped back from the workspace for a while or are facing any other major change in your life? If so, it is likely that you could benefit from working with a coach who can help to provide the space to reflect and help you to develop the clarity and focus that you need to move forward.

I have been there and done it. I work with women who have been there and done it and are doing it. By ‘it’, at Clearbird, I mean whatever your definition of success is and no one can define that but you. We work with you to create the vision of how you want your life to be – from work to home and anything in between – and then help you put the strategies in place to allow you to make that happen.

Back to work from Maternity Leave

Are you returning to work after maternity leave and want to be in the right mindset and ready to ramp back up effectively and manage the new challenges? Clearbird Coaching works with clients before they return to work and throughout this transition to make it the best it can be. This includes re-engaging with work and having the crucial conversations with your boss, clients, colleagues (and husband/partner!), getting your head around what changes have happened (or not) while you have not been working and some of the practical things that can help make life easier. And while doing all of this, let’s try and let go of some of the guilt, remember why you are great at what you do, remember the positives about going back to work and how to look after yourself as well. We want to work with you so that you set yourself up to succeed. You will have strategies in place to be as productive as possible in all areas of your life – at home and at work – so that this transition (from zero to one child, or one to two children or as in my case, two to four) is manageable and hey, why not, even enjoyable. 

Back to work after an extended ‘timeout’ from professional work

Have you stepped back from your career for an extended period for personal or family reasons and are now ready to re-join the workforce? It is possible that you are not sure what to do and may even have a number of ideas. It is also very possible that you have lost some confidence in your professional capabilities (which you know deep down are still lurking!). Clearbird coaching works with clients to determine where their passions and strengths lie, work through potential options and then we work together to bring focus and a plan as clients determine what the future path can be. We can work together on the discovery part of the journey as well as the crucial part of what you need to do to set yourself up to succeed to allow you to reach your goal and be everything that you can be. We can also work on the practical side of career coaching including CV preparation, going to the market and interview preparation.

At a cross-roads

Are you in a job or role that you have been doing for some time? Are you facing the possibility or reality of redundancy? You know you want to make a change but are just not sure what it is. Or, you have an idea that has been loitering for a while now, but you don’t have the courage, confidence, know-how to test whether it’s feasible. Working with Clearbird, while help you through this process, to stand tall at that crossroads and consider the options, consider what is stopping you from moving forward and enable you put the strategies in place to make that change, if that is what you ultimately decide to do. The outcome could result in starting your own business, moving country, asking your boss for a different way of working… who knows?

We could be working until we are 75! Where do you want to be in 5 years? In 10 years? Next year? Working with Clearbird will help you re-focus on your strengths, your passions, your priorities and your values and help develop the vision of what’s next in your life. 

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